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Course Enquiry. Greens academy works to relieve students of the burden of not being familiar with the English language. As the demands of competitive exams grow exponentially, so does the confusion students have borne in the course of their preparation. But as you step into our classes, be prepared to bid farewell to these hurdles.

Our OET coaching is unmatchable with expert preparation strategies and comprehensive study cum practice materials to crack OET 2. Exclusive practice materials and mock tests and question paper analysis are our highlights.

Our state-of-the-art facility offers a conducive study environment at our Pattom Centre. We believe in continuously reinventing ourselves and improving our training methods as per the latest admission requirements. Exclusive computer lab for practice in a real time exam conditions. Individual attention to every students in all the modules, since PTE is a kind of exam one should get a personal care and monitoring by faculties. Notifications Results.

oet exam fees in indian money

So, are you ready to begin? UGC — 20 Toppers. Why Us? Toppers Video. Vocabulary to Write Letters September 24, Login Sign up. Remember me Forgot Password? I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.OET or Occupational English Test is used to evaluate the linguistic skills of healthcare professionals for the purpose of registration and practicing in an English Speaking environment.

It provides a justifiable assessment of all four language skills — listening, reading, writing and speaking in relation to the communication procedures in healthcare environment. The aim of the test is to make sure that the candidate has the ability to communicate with patients, colleagues, doctors etc.

The health professionals from the following categories are assessed under OET:. Listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the candidate are analyzed in the test. A minimum of grade B is needed in each skill to be accepted by various professional boards. There is a sub-test for each skill area. Listening subtest The new listening sub-test consists of 42 questions in three parts Part A, B and C. The total duration of listening is around 40 minutes.

You will be tested on a range of listening and language skills, including different accents. A candidate can predict, identify, paraphrase, use synonyms as well as specific details to find out the answers. The listening sub-test is the same for all 12 professions, and it is a kind of multitasking.

You need to write simultaneously while hearing the conversation. Listening Part A This part lasts about 15 minutes. In total, part A contains 24 questions, 12 for each of the two extracts consultations between the doctor and a patient.

The type of question is sentence completion. Each audio is 40 to 60 seconds long. There is one multiple choice question for each workplace extract, with three possible answers. Listening Part C The final part of the listening sub-test lasts around 15 minutes, and you will hear two recordings of healthcare professionals health talk or presentations. There are 12 questions and, as in Part B, you need to choose from three possible answers.

The candidate needs to maintain a better focus and concentration to find out the answers. Reading sub test The topics are of common healthcare context and are therefore accessible to candidates across all professions. The Reading sub-test contains three parts A,B and C with a total of 42 questions. The total duration the the sub test is 60 minutes. Moreover, it is divided into 15 mins for part A and 45 mins for both part B and C Reading subtest structure Part A This part consist of 20 questions accounts for 20 marks Including different question pattern such as paragraph identification,question answer type and sentence completion.

A candidate can use skimming and scanning to find out the answers. Part B This part consist of 6 questions accounts for 6 marks. Each one is a multiple choice question with 3 options. The answers need to be identified from each paragraph which is given below the question.

Part C This part comprises of 16 questions accounts for 16 marks with two long passages. Here, all the questions will be multiple choice with four options. You will not be given extra time at the end of the sub-test to check your answers. So effective time management is necessary. For part B and C ,a candidate can use roughly 2 minutes for a single question. The test is designed so that the time available is enough for you to read, choose your answers, and check your work.

Fast reading is the key for part A while part B needs in-depth reading.The OET Occupational English Test is an international English language test that assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who wish to register and practise in an English-speaking environment.

Our exam preparation strategy is customised to individual student requirements. We coach our students on efficient time management, and guide them through simulated tests and exam strategy sessions. The exam is paper-based and held up to 10 times a year. Students are evaluated in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills.

Results will be published online, approximately 15 business days after the test. Through the right guidance, candidates who prepare for the OET using a systematic approach can achieve success at their first attempt, regardless of their previous capabilities. The OET provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills — Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking — with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.

There is no overall grade. You need to have your own email address, and can apply online for OET through the website www. Keep a digital photo ready. You should also have your passport number ready. Please ensure that it is still valid on the exam day. To pay online, a Visa or MasterCard credit card is required. Your official Statement of Results will be posted to the address found on your My Details page about business days after the online publication of your OET results.

Additional postage charges may apply.

oet exam fees in kerala in rupees

Elamkulam Kavalakkal Temple Off. Please leave this field empty. Quick Enquiry. Which Nearest Office would you like to contact? Yes No.

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By clicking on the Submit button provided herein, I allow MWT Education Consultancy to contact me, use and share my personal data as per the organization's Privacy Policy.OET The English language test for the healthcare sector.

OET is an English language test that assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in an English-speaking environment. It provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills — listening, reading, writing and speaking — with an emphasis on communication in healthcare settings. Listening sub-test. The Listening sub-test consists of three parts, and a total of 42 question items. The topics are of generic healthcare interest and accessible to candidates across all professions.

oet exam fees in kerala in rupees

The total length of the Listening audio is about 40 minutes, including recorded speech and pauses to allow you time to write your answers. You will hear each recording once and are expected to write your answers while listening. Part A assesses your ability to identify specific information during a consultation.

oet exam fees in kerala in rupees

Part B assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist, opinion or purpose of short extracts from the healthcare workplace. You will listen to six recorded extracts e. Part C assesses your ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview on a range of accessible healthcare topics.

You will listen to two different extracts and you will answer six multiple-choice questions for each extract.

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Part A assesses your ability to locate specific information from four short texts in a quick and efficient manner. The four short texts relate to a single healthcare topic, and you must answer 20 questions in the allocated time period. The 20 questions consist of matching, sentence completion and short answer questions.

Part B assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist or main point of six short texts sourced from the healthcare workplace words each.

The texts might consist of extracts from policy documents, hospital guidelines, manuals or internal communications, such as emails or memos. For each text, there is one three-option multiple-choice question. Part C assesses your ability to identify detailed meaning and opinion in two texts on topics of interest to healthcare professionals words each.

For each text, you must answer eight four-option multiple choice questions. Speaking sub-test. The Speaking sub-test is delivered individually and takes around 20 minutes. This part of OET uses materials specifically designed for your profession.There are 12 centers offering IELTS tests paper-based or computer-delivered in Keralaplease choose an appropriate test center that is closer to you or is most suitable for your test depending upon location or availability of test.

The IELTS measures an individual's ability to communicate in English across four areas of language: listeningreadingwriting and speaking. These test centres supervise the local administration of the test and recruit, train and monitor IELTS examiners. IELTS tests are available on 48 fixed dates each year, usually Saturdays and sometimes Thursdays, and may be offered up to four times a month at any test centre, including Kerala depending on local needs.

Go to IELTS test locations to find a test centre in or nearby Kerala and to check for upcoming test dates at your test centre. Test results are available online 13 days after your test date.

You will normally only receive one copy of the Test Report Form, though you may ask for a second copy if you are applying to the UK or Canada for immigration purposes - be sure to specify this when you register for IELTS. You may ask for up to 5 copies of your Test Report Form to be sent directly to other organisations, such as universities.

However, you would need to allow sufficient time to complete the registration procedures again and find a suitable test date.

They are not, however, real IELTS tests; they are designed to practise exam technique to help students to face the IELTS test with confidence and to perform to the best of their ability. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use, cookie and privacy policy. Kottayam, Kerala, India. Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Kochi, Kerala, India. Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Angamaly, Kerala, India. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Mary"s Church, P. O, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, KeralaIndia.As part of the requirements for registration to practise as a health practitioner in Australia, overseas trained health professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds India, for example must pass the English Test OET. The OET applies to the mainstream health professions, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, dietetics, radiography and others.

With our exceptional techniques taught in an easy-to-remember manner, you can be sure that you would be able to answer maximum questions in minimum time. We lower the bar for our students and raise it for our competitors i. At COSMO OET Coaching Centre, Kerala you will explore a world of global learning opportunities, dedicated and pro-active faculty, useful knowledge base and an environment that fosters knowledge sharing and self-development.

Now, what are you waiting for? For OET in Trivandrum, please contact us at The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

You will be asked to write a letter - usually a referral letter, based on case notes. In this letter you should:. This assesses your clinical communication skills. It consists of two simulated consultations between a healthcare professionals and a patient. COSMO Centre provides an excellent student experience in language learning through Pattern - Based teaching methods and strategies, which makes us a unique institution in Kerala, India.

With thousands of happy students over the last many years, start your odyssey to greater heights with us. Listening sub-test approximately 45 minutes The Listening sub-test consists of three parts: Part A: Two separate consultation between a healthcare professional and a patient Part B: Six short dialogues or monologues in workplace settings Part C: Two long presentations or interviews with health professionals The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

Reading sub-test 60 minutes The Reading sub-test consists of three parts: Part A: An expeditious fast reading task Part B: Six short workplace extracts Part C: Two long presentation passages The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

Writing sub-test 45 minutes You will be asked to write a letter - usually a referral letter, based on case notes. In this letter you should: record treatment offered to date explain the relevant issues to be addressed based on given instruction show that you have considered the facts and information write words, set out in an appropriate format.

The content for this sub-test is profession specific. Information letter Parent, Group.Every candidate who takes the OET needs their own email address. Candidates can apply online for OET through the website www.

When you fill in the online application, it is necessary to enter all information accurately. OET practice materials are available at the website www. Candidates can download it.

Additional practice materials can be ordered from the OET Bookshop. There are various study centers for OET preparation all over the world. The preparation courses will not improve the overall level of English, but will improve the exam techniques and strategies which helps to get the best score. The cost of the OET is different depending on where you sit the test.

IELTS Exam 2020 – 2021 | India

All prices are in Australian dollars. All prices in Australia include GST. New candidates must sit all 4 sub-tests. The candidates should also regularly check the OET website for important announcements.

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